First Ride of 2013



161 Miles

2+ Hours

Number of Stops- 0

Animal Sightings- 0

Close Calls- 1

Fuzz sightings- 2

Well I clocked my first ride of the year.  It wasn’t much just a short little ride to blow out the cobwebs and get my mind right.  The FJR needed to get out and burn out that stale gas that had been sitting in the tank since October or November.  I had been on this route numerous times but I did make a quick detour to Bruneau, Idaho which I have never been to.  My current employer started his business there and I wanted to see what it was all about.   It wasn’t much just a small little town with not much going on.  I am sure the weather was keeping people in.  I made it a mental point to travel through it again in the summer.  The wind was kicking pretty bad so it made it  a fight keeping the bike upright which also made the rides fun factor go way down.    It was sunny but with the wind it made it feel like 30’s. As soon as I made the turn around the cold had creeped into my gloves and boots.  I decided to take the freeway back so I could bomb it home.  I did get the look from a few 4 wheeled drivers like “what the heck is he thinking its 40 degrees out”   Other than the cold and wind it wasn’t too bad.   It was nice to get out and twist the throttle a bit.  I long for the longer and warmer days coming.

Side note–  There wasn’t much to take photos of so I will leave you with a photo form last year



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